Jun 27th Helsinki datacenter electrical issue: RESOLVED. Update: 07:26AM

There was an electrical issue at the building electrical cabinet. Took a little bit of time for electrical contractor to arrive during Holiday sunday-monday night.At roughly 01:45AM local time one of the phases went down on one of the electrical feeds we have. This caused a cascade on cooling side since 3-phase chillers need all 3-phases.The issue ... Read More »

Jun 23rd LT5 rack uplinks fixed, capacity increased

There was an configuration mistake leading to less uplink capacity on LT5 than expected.

This was noticed as during the past couple days the rack has hit maximum usage for the first time.
This is now fixed and there is much more uplink capacity on the rack.

Jun 18th NEW Ryzen SSD seedboxes with HUGE traffic ratio released!

The ALL New M1000 Ryzen SSD series has just been released!

It offers all AMD Ryzen CPU servers with big traffic ratios! We even managed to keep the users per server amounts quite decent.

Check it all out at: https://pulsedmedia.com/m1000-ssd-seedbox.php

May 31st Network maintenance today

There is some network maintenance work being done today, there maybe intermittent few minute issues as we work with the networking side.

May 10th Maintenance on some SSD nodes and ZEN MiniDedis [FINISHED]

There will be a short power distribution maintenance on some of these nodes today.

Maximum of 8 units only should be affected, and expected downtime is in the 5-15minute range.

Apr 26th Significant number of servers down on Helsinki DC

There is a significant number of nodes down along with no response to remote management.Staff is enroute to the DC to check what is going on.UPDATE 1: AC Unit had failed, which had caused some servers to go full power on fans, which in turn caused couple single rack single phases to trip, causing switches to be down, causing larger number to fail. ... Read More »

Apr 11th Support response times currently prolonged

Unfortunately our support response times are a little bit prolonged at this time, we expect the situation to ease by end of the week.

Mar 12th Potential information leak issue disclosed and fixed, being rolled out as we speak. Expect new software glitches.

These were publicized without our prior knowledge of them about to be published, the fixes should have been properly tested upfront but are now being implemented without testing.Somethings are almost guaranteed to break, and somethings will become harder to manage.These changes also allows server abusers to get away much easier.Someone publicized ... Read More »

Mar 11th Rack LE6 - 1phase is down **Fixed**

The entire rack LE6 is down. If the service hostname starts with LE6 it is affected.Some servers are down, others are up. Looks like electrical issue.On-site intervention underway.UPDATE 14:03 11/03/2022: Issue fixed. A switch PSU had failed and caused fuse for 1 phase to trip. Approx usage was ~3.3A on a 16A circuit. Dual PSU switch so rest of ... Read More »

Mar 2nd Issues with one top of the rack switch, approximately 40 nodes affected [FIXED]

Intervention under way, no exact ETA right now.Expect very high packet loss on nodes through this switch.Approximately 40 nodes affected, 1Gbps mostly M1000 series, some V1000 seriesUPDATE: Switch replacement expected for roughly 19:00 GMT +2UPDATE 2: Was just fiber module issues, everything looked fine, but just humongous packet loss. Failed ... Read More »

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