Jan 22nd Regular bonus disk quota restored

For regular services bonus disk quota script was left in debugging mode unwittingly - this has been the case for couple of months.Sorry about that. Distribution is now working again and there is about 100TiB more to be distributed among loyal service users. It will take probably couple weeks as this is added little by little.Premium service tiers ... Read More »

Jan 21st Wiki restored and upgraded

Wiki has now been restored fully with new server. We upgraded the wiki to the latest version of MediaWiki, and the new server is running latest software as well. We also made it https only. It was long due for an overhaul.Sorry for it being down for a few days - We use a 3rd party datacenter for services like this, so it was a little bit slow to ... Read More »

Jan 20th Sources of electricity in our datacenter - Net carbon negative, and by accident?

This is a bit of trivia thing, but interesting one never the less, ~70% of the electricity we use is either nuclear or renewable: https://www.helen.fi/en/company/energy/energy-production/origin-of-energyWith the donation we gave to Eden Reforestation Project this december A LOT of trees got planted. Each tree stores ~0.5 to 5tn of Co2 during it's ... Read More »

Jan 10th Late fees removed

We have typically had a late fee after you are overdue a few days on your service.We have removed that late fee charge. It is much more important users are able to continue their services without excess costs, and that should serve our user base much better than charging those late fees.If you have currently an open invoice with late fee which you ... Read More »

Dec 21st New Value1000 seedbox series - Updating the entry level offers with exceedingly incredible Value

We have made an update to the Value1000 series entry level seedboxes.This is quite an upgrade and change to the previous value series offer, and it is quite price competitive for the resources you are getting! Full 1Gbps bandwidth access, both up and down gives a huge boost to network speeds and allows you to download those torrents quite swiftly! ... Read More »

Dec 8th rTorrent 0.9.8 regressions fixed + many servers updated

The last known regressions of 0.9.8/0.13.8 has been fixed and we have rolled out this update to quite a few servers today.

Please contact support if you notice more regressions.

Dec 7th Regressions on rTorrent 0.9.8 update.

Watch directory is not functioning.In some cases rutorrent settings window does not load and you get session directory UID error.Settings pane & session directory UID has been fixed, watch directory not functioning has not been fixed yet. ETA for that is 2 business days.If you get any of these, please contact support so we can queue your ... Read More »

Dec 5th Software updates: rTorrent + ruTorrent, OpenVPN fixes etc.

There's been a lot of updates again!Main changes is new rTorrent + ruTorrent setup and OpenVPN issues has been fixed. rTorrent version 0.9.8 / libtorrent 0.13.8 ruTorrent 3.9 OpenVPN: Sometimes routes were not setup after boot for a long time. This has been fixed OpenVPN: Cipher updated to AES-256-CBC Info tab now has a nice daily chart for ... Read More »

Nov 25th Black Friday is soon here! Get Ready!

We are counting down to open up the Black Friday Specials!
They will be available at: https://pulsedmedia.com/specials.php

Target availability is from Thursday 12:00 GMT onwards.

There will be a lot of specials this year, some will be flash sales only available for an hour or two.

Nov 17th Seedbox Web GUI: HTTPS Tabs fixed

Now the javascript and stylesheets fully load under https correctly; So while using https you can enjoy the full GUI tabbing system; Instead of having to access rutorrent, filemanager etc. directly.