Electric prices have increased wildly in Finland over the past few months due to various global and local events. We've even seen some hours with more than 1000€ / MWh (1€/KWh) pricing, while just the day before it could've been 90€ / MWh.

Some nuclear plants are under maintenance, low solar power combined with low wind power is causing quite a bit of turbulence.

This has not yet affected us greatly, until the last month. We received a near 100% electrical rate price increase at our Helsinki DC. This was before these record high price moments.

We are not yet adding this to our pricing, we were expecting this already for nearly 6 months.
Let's hope the energy market pricing stabilizes soon.

Finland is still coping much better than some other european countries however, see this 7 day chart:
Finland nord pool spot pricing over 7 days

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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