We have several 6x RX 5700 GPU Ethereum mining systems available immediately.

These are already optimized for ETHash / ETCHash.

Servers will run latest SMOS, and have already been optimized for what those particular GPUs are capable of doing. Speed of these systems is 325MH/s +/- 3% generally, some go as high as 337MH/s and lowest current system is 316MH/s. Delivered system will be picked randomly.
We will setup to the rig to your chosen pool + wallet address but standard fee does not include SMOS access for hardware qualification and warranty reasons, as it is quite easy to brick an GPU with full access. Since these are manually setup, please try to keep pool changes to less than once a month.
Each server runs typically an AMD B350 or X370 motherboard with a ryzen CPU, and 1250Watt 80+ Gold or Platinum PSUs, in a good airflow rackmount chassis. A small number might be running a Intel B250 chipset + Celeron/Pentium CPU.

Service includes full hardware replacements and hw support on NBD+5 schedule just like any other dedicated server we offer, but unlike other dedicated servers we will maintain the software, configuration and monitoring for these to ensure maximum uptime for you.

Pricing is ONLY for annual prepayment due to the nature of these machines, but renewal costs less.

Immediate availability for 3 systems, 3 more available next week. RX5600 XT based systems coming available by end of January.

Pricing is as follows currently, but may change even daily due to stock availability for parts and is always based on current market pricing for the hardware. Price includes electricity and SMOS fees, you only pay for the server rental and it includes everything. This is an excellent choice for people who do not want to manage their own hardware and/or datacenter.

6x RX 5700 / RX5700 XT 320MH/s +/- 5% pricing:

  • Setup fee: 1000€, Renewal 2355,30€ annually. First payment: 3355,30€
  • Setup fee: 2000€, Renewal 2055,30€ annually. First payment: 4055,30€
  • Setup fee: 3000€, Renewal 1855,30€ annually. First payment: 4855,30€
  • Setup fee: 4000€, Renewal 1655,30€ annually. First payment: 5655,30€
  • Setup fee: 5000€, Renewal 1455,30€ annually. First Payment: 6455,30€ -2,5% discount on first year: 6293,92€

For your maths you should use 97.5% availability rating. GPU mining rigs sometimes have frequent reboots etc. software has to be updated suprisingly frequently etc. can cause downtimes. Many times we can also just swap your node to minimize downtime.

Friday, December 11, 2020

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