We have started a development bounty program!

This program is for software development which benefits all users of Pulsed Media services. Current bounties are for rTorrent enhancements which is core functionality for our services, but we will expand this further over time. We are going to spend up to 1500€ monthly on these bounties (upto 3000€ as service credits!).

More details and open bounties: https://wiki.pulsedmedia.com/index.php/Pulsed_Media#Development_Bounty_Program

Big Bounty: ElectronJS development

Adobe AIR is getting a bit long in the tooth for our pulsedBox application, in the way that Adobe AIR did not get much mainstream adoption and is quite niche. It was designed for Flash (!!!) and Flash is now at the point Adobe themselves recommends uninstalling it. ElectronJS is quite a bit more mainstream, quite a few desktop applications are using it. Convert this application to ElectronJS and installers for Windows, MacOS and Linux along with following enhancements (only 2 known bugs!):
Current pulsedBox application was developed something like 7 years ago, and has seen ZERO updates, since most of it just works. The basic philosophy why it just works is that it is 70% just a browser.

 * Reliably associate .torrent files with the OS (This has been hit and miss with the Adobe AIR application)
 * Failed login screen should be something else than blank page
 * Stretch 1: SFTP Mount the Seedbox as seemingly local drive (ie. Fuse SFTP mount)
 * Stretch 2: Integrate OpenVPN. Get config by fetching the config from the server once logged in.
 * Stretch 3: Multiple seedboxes managed from single instance of pulsedBox, must be quite seamless and easy to use

Bounty for the conversion with .torrent association reliability fixes is 500€, and each stretch goal adds 250€. Application needs to remain fully FOSS and we retain copyrights for this conversion. Needs to be fully documented for rolling out new installer packages.
You can obtain source by installing the pulsedBox package and looking into the directory, what makes this easier is that it is already HTML + JS. There may not be any degradations on the application, everything that is now included must function. There might be some server side change requirements, you can seek assistance from us directly to make those happen.

Maximum bounty with all stretch goals reached is 1250€ or 2500€ as service credit.

Friday, July 3, 2020

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