We have made an update to the Value1000 series entry level seedboxes.

This is quite an upgrade and change to the previous value series offer, and it is quite price competitive for the resources you are getting! Full 1Gbps bandwidth access, both up and down gives a huge boost to network speeds and allows you to download those torrents quite swiftly! This is made possible by move to RAID0 which has no write performance penalty like RAID5 has, it also offers much increased capacity at the expense of redundancy. For entry level seedboxes redundancy is not the most important factor, it is capacity and capability so the change to RAID0 is acceptable - you can always pick higher tier service for data redundancy afterall when required. Finally, the hardware has been upgraded, the standard server specification is now 6core opteron with 48GB of ECC RAM and 4x8TB 7200RPM HDDs. This is quite the bump from Value250 series which started out with just 12GB of ECC RAM and 4x2TB 7200RPM HDDs.

All of the above means much much higher capacity and capability than the previous Value250 series at an exceedingly affordable rates. The top of the line Value1000 is a whopping 8TB of storage with 8GB of RAM dedicated just for your rTorrent instance and Unlimited* traffic, at an incredibly low 23.99€ per month! This makes it only 3€ per TB of storage, without worries of going over your traffic limits. Of course there is also long term discounts of upto 15% for longer term purchases.

Combine all of the above with the proven track record of Pulsed Media delivering excellent services with ever better value for our users, industry leading service level agreement, well defined policies (terms of service, privacy policy etc.), over time growing storage quotas and solid servers you have one really good service package for entry level use.

The offers start from 1TB at 6.99€ a month, and you can check them all out at: https://pulsedmedia.com/value1000-seedbox.php

As usual, our help desk is open 24/7 for any questions you may have.

Note *: Unlimited traffic still has fair use and abusive use limitation, but for all practical purposes it is unlimited. The fair usage limitation is set to 60TB of traffic, which will require roughly ~200Mbps average bandwidth usage over the course of a month. If you need higher traffic limit, please contact support and ask for options.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

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