There's been a lot of updates again!

Main changes is new rTorrent + ruTorrent setup and OpenVPN issues has been fixed.

  • rTorrent version 0.9.8 / libtorrent 0.13.8
  • ruTorrent 3.9
  • OpenVPN: Sometimes routes were not setup after boot for a long time. This has been fixed
  • OpenVPN: Cipher updated to AES-256-CBC
  • Info tab now has a nice daily chart for traffic use
  • Sox and nzbget added by default
  • tcpsack vulnerability mitigations (disable sack, firewall small tcp framesizes)

Some a little bit older updates but worth highlighting again are:
  • Resilio sync added (rslsync)
  • Sonarr/nzbdrone installing reworked
  • BTSync defaults now to 2.2
  • Syncthing added
  • rclone updated to 1.47

As usual you can see full changelog at:

After updating recommend rebooting the server.

If you have issues, please open a support ticket.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

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