We are big fans of distributing systems to separate servers and networks, including separate datacenters.

We have our static data for Seedbox web gui at such a discreet server, as well as our Wiki on that same server.
Today that 3rd party DC made a snafu - They disconnected the server for "non payment" - For which they never sent us a warning, nor does the server even appear on their renew server page.
They've had this kind of glitchyness in their billing for as long as we've been there, which is approximately 9 years. Infact, this particular server by itself is 8 years old now.

Now they are having issues reconnecting the server to their network. Server reads on their system as online and without any issues etc.
This has been typically a 1 minute automated task for them; Apparently not this time. Even calling them could not get this solved.


We have spun up a new server for the seedbox web gui from backups, it is online now. It may take a little bit time for some as DNS caches need to refresh.
For the most part Web GUI should be back.

If the issue is persisting for you; You may need to refresh your DNS cache.

You can also access rutorrent directly by appending rutorrent/ to your access URL.


Wiki will be restored soon, we have full backups of that as well, but will require some config etc. and we are hoping the old server comes back online so we can have the refresh database backup of the wiki. Our backup of the wiki database is missing some latest changes to one of the wiki pages.

So Wiki will be restored within 48hours.

Final words

This did not affect any of our core systems, only these 2. "Static" server for static seedbox gui files, and wiki. All services remain online.

We will update these servers now, and will probably separate static and wiki for future at the same time.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

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