The NEW ZEN MiniDedi is HERE!

We have been working to bring to the market some super efficient and low cost new AMD ZEN based dedicateds with extreme performance and capability.

We have finally finalized the specifications for them and are ready to start taking in orders!
The preorder version will be fully hardware customizeable! You can pick from very low end to fairly high end config with multiple NVMe and SSDs. If there is some specific addition to have (either M.2, 2.5" SATA or USB) please contact our support and we'll see if we can accomodate you. You can pick upto 4TB SSD drives or 5TB HDDs and Upto 32GB of fast 3000Mhz memory!

These are really amazing compact packages; There really is no sensible off the shelf server solution which could bring this kind of efficiency all around and cost performance all around! For the price point these are some extremely capable servers with very high CPU and I/O performance, the Ryzen 5 2400G scores above 700 Cinebench and ~10 000 passmark! With the dual NVMe drives AND couple SATA SSDs combined you will have ALL the I/O performance you will need for any task. This kind of performance is usually reserved for servers 10 times the cost! For example, this server can sustain roughly 5xPLEX 1080p transcoded stream simultaneously.

When you combine all of that with our amazingly efficient datacenter operations and network you have some truly capable servers at your disposal! The environmentalists among us can also rest at ease, we do operate one of the most green datacenters in the world, constantly making great strides to reach ever better PUE! (PUE=Infrastructure efficiency) We have discussed this before in our blog, and we continue to make new records every year.

This pre-order comes also with MAGNIFICENT DISCOUNTS BUILT-IN! All pre-orders will be 20% OFF from list pricing using the below promocode.  You get to keep that discount for as long as you keep the server. On top of that, there is 10% additional discount for annual payments. These two combined can make for a SUPER LOW COST NVMe server at just 27.69€ per month! oO; :O On the higher end, You can have a 2x 2000GB NVMe, 32GB Ram, 2400G for just insanely low price of 50.36€ per month! :O :O This uses the brand new Intel 660P QLC NVMe drives, but you can also opt for more usual Samsung 970 Evo TLC NVMe drives for even higher performance.

Deliveries will begin by end of May. Pre-order pricing will be available until every single pre-order has been delivered. After which we will standardize to few most common specifications.

Here is the base specs:

  • Chassis: ASRock A300 DeskMini  - AN Amazing super small form factor motherboard and casing measuring ONLY 155x155x80mm!
  • M.2 x4 + M.2 x2/x4 slots!
  • 2x 2.5" slots for additional SSD or HDD!
  • 1Gbps Unmetered Volume Network
  • Any Linux or *BSD Distro of your choice
  • Full ROOT Access; Install anything you wish!
  • SLA Gold Level!
  • 14-day moneyback guarantee*
  • Hardware technical support: NBD+5 (ie. OS reinstalls, component replacements).

You can get yours at:
Use promocode 2019zendedipreorder

*) 14-day moneyback guarantee, pre-order special terms: You can request refund until 14day after delivery at any time, but total maximum 60 days after pre-order. Depending on the pre-order volume we however expect delivery much for your server much before this 60 day maximum limit for refund.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

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