Dragon and SSD Series Updates!

Both saw a really great update! :) We updated both series plans to match today's new server models, and increased the range of options from smallest to largest! :)

This saw the Dragon Mushu, the entry level Dragon to increase to 1.5TB (1365GiB) of disk space, at just 13.99€ per month! Where as the largest option is a incredible 12TB of RAID10 Disk Space! In some cases this means you get a dedicated server for you; 4x8TB RAID10 = 16TB, and if you have 12TB + bonuses there won't simply be space for anyone else. Thus also availability is very limited.

On the SSD series we turned the slider from bandwidth heavily towards space, in reality it is so few people who needs those extreme traffic levels. That being said, it still goes upto 60TB on traffic. Biggest available SSD plan is now a whopping 2TB! Best of all, it is still quite affordable at just 59.99€ a month. Series starts from just 5.99€ a month for 150GiB, but we recommend the 300GiB plan at 9.99€ a month.

Monday, September 17, 2018

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