We have for atleast temporarily disabled the Free Seedbox offer.

This was way too often misconstrued as being fully fledged, fully blown and equivalent to a 10-15€ a month service. Which it was not, and it came with exactly 0 guarantees. It was not even based on our own DC or hardware. That 0.20€ payment was often misconstrued as it being fully fledged paid seedbox, when in reality we did not receive any of this money, and even if we refunded that payment we ended up paying 0.16€ per registration, as the money was given to the end user, but we only got 0.04€ back of this.

To top this out, with GDPR it became fuzzy legality with the e-mail marketing accompanied by that offer, despite the disclaimers.

We are considering alternative "feel it out" offers. In the meanwhile however, remember that we have 14 day moneyback so you can feel out the service you want.

In similar fashion, and partially even for same reasons, we have disabled signups for services with under 6€ a month cost for the moment.

Monday, August 20, 2018

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