Bit Pay has decreased our limits so low that we are practically suspended. We started to look into increasing these because we've had several times issues with daily limits, and we do not know how close we are to our annual limit.

We asked about the verification documents to increase our limits, which they make extremely hard to produce btw, and their response was to lower as to "Tier 0", which limits us to 100$ day / 500$ year bracket. Not sure if even new signups go that low. This is not the first time, we did try to go through their hoops a long time ago, only to stumble on the issues below.

We had done many of their verifications, but our assumption is that they looked at our website and what we sell. As a result they moved to do this with barely any warning what so ever, for the simple reason of requesting more information on this process.

The issue we are having, they already have our company details, but they also want personal social security numbers in the form of passport photos (driver's license apaprently is no good). They do not seem to accept photos, only scanned documents(?).

Second they want chamber of commerce registration papers. Finland does not use this document anymore, all of that is online for the whole public to see. It is not even sent by default when you form a company. Instead you have to order it, takes a few weeks to receive and costs a few hundred euros. As far as we know also want it in english and notarized. 

Third they want utility bill for the company address, which needs to be in English. This is pretty much impossible to produce as being in Finland, all such invoices would be in Finnish.

We are looking into stripe, but the developer of the checkout module is not responding to e-mails for some reason.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

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